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Need of Finishing Schools

As per various studies, it was noted that graduates generally have a positive perception of the effectiveness of Finishing School programmes. However, in terms of the marketability outcome, many of the Finishing school programmes currently being offered in Kerala were seen as ineffective by the recruiters. Interviews with officers at the management level from various companies showed that the local graduates were lacking in certain types of soft skills, particularly in English communication skills, compared with their counterparts who graduated from higher education institutions overseas. Employers listed three skills as critical for graduates to have, namely, problem solving skills, information management (exposure to general knowledge, current issues and ICT) and English communication.

A study revealed several possible factors relating to graduate unemployment. These included the weak command of English (56 percent), bad social etiquette (36 percent), graduates demanding too much pay (32 percent), irrelevant degrees/qualifications (30 percent), choosy job seekers among graduates (23 percent) and no vacancies (14 percent). Graduates’ weak command of English and bad social etiquette were the top reasons for their being unemployed. These findings provide evidence that our graduates are unemployed not because they are unintelligent but rather because most of them are lacking in certain types of soft-skills. A finishing school is touted to be the one stop panacea to this barrier; but in practice, many institutions view finishing schools just as avenues to generate money. Finomis Gurukul’s business model is not aimed at making such enormous profits from finishing schools; rather we seek candidates to be placed at our clients.